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When Birmingham City FC decided to take all their recruitment online, Event Day Staff built them the recruitment platform to meet their needs.


When Birmingham City FC decided to take its staff recruitment online, Event Day Staff (EDS) built a recruitment platform to meet all of its needs. The Birmingham City HR team was not only focused on recruiting excellent staff to deliver the very best matchday experience for spectators, they also wanted a system that offered highly efficient process and compliance.


The club’s previous recruitment process involved a number of complicated steps, requiring input from several different departments. The time and effort this required made it difficult to handle the volume of applications - particularly during the closed season.


EDS has now become the club’s single recruitment and application tracking system, capable of supporting permanent hiring at St Andrews and also the club’s Training Academy, as well as matchday and other casual roles. EDS now handles all of Birmingham City’s recruitment needs (apart from playing staff) from interns through to senior management - and even the HR team.


The EDS platform has allowed the club to take the recruitment process online. Importantly, it has given each department the opportunity to manage its own recruitment - while reassuring the HR team that everyone is working to a system they can monitor.


Casual staffing was historically something HR found difficult to integrate into their permanent recruitment process. By using EDS, Birmingham City FC has been able to bring all of its recruitment successfully under one roof.

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